What Is a QSL Postcard?

Ham radio comes with a selection of exciting and interesting activities. You can choose the one in accordance with your likes and preferences. Whether you want to join a group to cooperate with emergency or public services or set for an adventure also known as DXpedition, amateur radio has always something to offer. Postcards exchange appears to be another popular activity among operators of any level. Also known as QSL cards, they come as the evidence that you manage to make a contact and keep in touch with another operator. In other words, a postcard proves that communication between two DX radio stations really took place.

You can find all necessary information in the postcard including operator’s name, call signs, location and other data. In addition, QSL cards provide information on band, date, time and mode. Some operators prefer printing their own cards featuring a unique and recognizable style. You may express your creativity when developing new design for your own postcard. They always come with lots of fun and excitement whenever you receive them on email. Some cards may depict equipment and gear as well as the photo of its owner. Some hams come up with traditional design features blue waters of the ocean, palm trees and sandy beaches. It is up to you what design to choose. Try to be as creative as possible and earn the recognition of other hams.

Modern ham radio operators have more communication opportunities if compared with pioneers and veterans. They now can choose from a range of modes. They can actually pick any mode they want. Modes may range from AM, CW, SSB and FM. You can even sent pictures and digital information to any part of the world. Space shuttle communication is another great feature that we must mention. The government allows astronauts proceed with DX experiments on board the space shuttle of International Space Station. Most of them are devoted hams and regularly take all necessary gear with them. In other words, every time you turn on your receiver in search of a signal you may come across an operator from space! Have no worries! It would hardly be an alien.

Considering all those features, it is not surprising that ham radio is so popular with enthusiasts in spite of their age, gender, location or occupation. This huge global community now includes over 2 billion people and still attracts beginners who are also eager to get a membership.

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