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Top Articles

Women Being CONNED into Unnecessary Double Mastectomies by Doctors who Misrepresent Genetic Testing, Warns Stanford Researchers

The decision to undergo a double mastectomy is not one that is made lightly, but it is one that countless women have had to face over the years. The number of women undergoing the procedure has increased dramatically since 2013, when famed actress Angelina Jolie revealed that she’d had both of her breasts removed due to a mutated BRCA1 gene — which can purportedly increase the risk o Continue

Climate Change App Terrorizes Youth with Wildly Exaggerated Sea Level Projections

Thanks to current technology, you too can experience the so-called “disastrous effects” of climate change wherever you may be. Development studios Strange Flavor and secondverse have collaborated with visual artist Justin Brice Guariglia to create an app, named After Ice, in honor of Earth Day. Utilizing geolocation, augmented reality (AR), and collected NASA predictions, the a Continue

CPS seizes child after parents challenge ADHD diagnosis

An Ohio couple, Christian and Katie Maple, lost custody of one of their children after they disagreed with the school’s mental health assessment of their child. Camden Maple, a seven-year-old boy, has five siblings and enjoys Star Wars, Pokémon, football, video games, and Legos. He loves to write stories and draws comic books. While this sounds like an ordinary, creative, imaginative Continue

Pushback Against Smart Meters Continues to Grow Across the U.S.

A vocal coalition of Michiganders is taking to the streets — and their local city council meetings — to oppose the growing intrusion of privacy and personal safety with state utility companies transitioning to “smart” meters. Reports indicate that thousands of folks have already opted out, and new legislation is pending to make these opt-outs cheaper and less penalizing. More Continue

FDA okays do-it-yourself DNA Tests for 10 Diseases… but Genetics Alone can’t Control Your Health

A company called 23andMe, which provides do-it-yourself home genetic testing kits for assessing your risk for at least 10 diseases, has just been granted permission by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to start selling such tests directly to the public for $199 a pop. The testing kits promise to determine your chances at the “genetic lotto” for conditions ranging from celiac dise Continue

Eating clean, Unprocessed Foods is now a Dangerous “cult,” Declares Idiotic Mainstream Media (with a Little Help from the Dirty Diary Industry)

As more people are turning their back to dairy and other processed foods, the National Osteoporosis Society, subsidized by the milk industry, has now declared clean eating to be a dangerous “cult” and “ticking time bomb” that could leave young people with weak bones. For decades, the milk industry has made us believe that milk is crucial for our health. Most of us have been brough Continue

14 Fruits and Vegetables to Start Planting in April

We’re hitting the middle of Spring! With temperatures rising and your garden soil reaching that “Goldilocks” temperature of not too hot and not too cold, now is the perfect time to plant most of your vegetable seeds. An article published on USFeeds.com lists 14 fruits and vegetables you should start planting now! Beans: Not just the musical fruit, beans are easy-to-grow plants and Continue

The Key to Good Health is HAPPINESS reveals 80-year-long Study

If you’re happy and you know it, you might just be in better health. A study by Harvard researchers that has been on-going for the last 80 years has revealed a simple truth: Happiness is integral to good health. Scientists began recording the health of 268 Harvard sophomores back in 1938, and they’ve been following them ever since. They hoped that the longitudinal study would provi Continue

Coca-Cola Responsible for Polluting the Earth with 100 BILLION Plastic Bottles, Reveals Alarming Investigation

When soda giant Coca-Cola was asked to participate in a survey of the world’s top six drinks manufacturers by the environmental organization Greenpeace last year, they refused. And boy, has that decision come back to haunt them! Greenpeace went ahead with their survey anyway. In the absence of full disclosure by the company itself, the environmental group examined the yearly sales figu Continue

Not a Misprint: MIT Press to Publish “Communism for kids” Book

Talk about starting the indoctrination early. The Washington Free Beacon on Monday reported that MIT Press is publishing “Communism for Kids,” a book aimed at brainwashing three to seven-year-olds, on those “lovable little revolutionaries.” (Article by Scott Whitlock from newsbusters.org ) A description on Amazon cheered, “Once upon a time, people yearned to be free of Continue

Heavy Intake of Antibiotics Linked to Deadly Bowel Cancer

Heavy antibiotic use may significantly increase the odds of developing bowel cancer, a recent study revealed. Bowel cancer is a type of malignancy that starts in the colon or rectum. Also known as colorectal cancer, the disease is currently the third most common type of cancer in the U.S. Recent statistics show that there will be an estimated 95,520 new cases of colon cancer and 39,910 n Continue

Brain stimulating technology once denounced as “quackery” by skeptics now being used by the Pentagon to boost mental performance of Navy Seals

With each passing day, the world seems to look more and more like a science fiction film. We are constantly developing new forms of medicine and technology, most of which didn’t even exist in our wildest dreams not long ago. Cell phones, for instance, were once nothing more than a concept routinely portrayed on episodes of Star Trek. The idea that two people could communicate over lon Continue

Sluggish Sales Force Beer Companies to Enter Booming Health Market

Nothing says fitness like a pint of beer, at least in the eyes of Big Alcohol’s corporate bigwigs who are trying to retain health-conscious customers. In a hilarious effort to draw back folks who no longer want to slug all that fattening booze, the Anheuser-Busch corporation is launching a new program called “ULTRA 95” that delivers so-called customized fitness workouts to people w Continue